Colonial Legacies – German Volunteer Tourism in Namibia

by Dimitra Dermitzaki     Table of Content I.) Introduction I.I) Reflection of own position II.) Contextualization II.I) Theoretical Framework and the Character of volunteer tourism III.) Methodology III.I) III.II) Weltwä III.III) Freunde Waldorf – Freunde der Erziehungskunst RudolfContinue reading… Colonial Legacies – German Volunteer Tourism in Namibia

Genocide in the Congo: It’s Time to Listen – A Video Podcast

by Nina Sophie Meyer | Have you ever asked yourself how Congo is the most resourceful country in the world, yet its people are amongst the poorest? “It’s Time To Listen”, sheds some light on the horrors of the continuing exploitation of the African continent, specifically of the DRC and its people. Not only is this topic largely neglected in the mainstream media, the prevailing discourse is having us believe that the struggles of the DRC and its people are neither directly caused by European continent nor actively affect it. This podcast is an attempt to expose some hidden truths, to explain who is concealing them and why.