The Border Regime

by Lisanna Solara Kelz
The author about the Border Regime project: “The intent of this project is to approach the Border Regime in a rather non-scientific way and show how the Border operates, functions, works and is reproduced every day. Therefore, I try to give an overview and insight on the different ways the border appears in and beyond our daily live, within our state and beyond its official borders. I chose Prezi as a design where everyone can look at the topics they are interested in and chose the order in which they want to explore them…”

Colonial Legacies – German Volunteer Tourism in Namibia

by Dimitra Dermitzaki     Table of Content I.) Introduction I.I) Reflection of own position II.) Contextualization II.I) Theoretical Framework and the Character of volunteer tourism III.) Methodology III.I) III.II) Weltwä III.III) Freunde Waldorf – Freunde der Erziehungskunst RudolfContinue reading… Colonial Legacies – German Volunteer Tourism in Namibia