What do the Belgian Congo and Vietnam have in common? – Tracing Systems of Capitalistic Oppression Through History

by Michael Angulo, Grant Chamness, Sean Gordon and Salome Tash
We will begin by starting with a case study of colonialism in the Belgian Congo. Colonialism is the explicit act of controlling a populace and its resources using colonies with the purpose of economic and political exploitation…These capitalist exploitations will prove to reverberate through time, and will manifest themselves again through neocolonialism and neoliberalism. To demonstrate the timeless and adaptive nature of these motivations, we will present a case study in which colonialism evolves into neocolonialism. Specifically, we will dissect how French colonialism naturally transformed into the neocolonialist, American occupation of Vietnam and ultimately the Vietnam War…In the last portion, we will outline the ways in which the exploitative practices of colonialism are now institutionalized at the international level, and how state actors have given significant power to transnational corporations. This system of corporate control, and the laissez-faire nature of world markets, is what enables powerful neoliberalist countries to continue the legacy of exploitation established by colonialism and neocolonialism.  The actions of the International Monetary Fund, and World Bank, are instrumental in the institutionalization of capitalist driven exploitation.

Genocide in the Congo: It’s Time to Listen – A Video Podcast

by Nina Sophie Meyer
Have you ever asked yourself how Congo is the most resourceful country in the world, yet its people are amongst the poorest? “It’s Time To Listen”, sheds some light on the horrors of the continuing exploitation of the African continent, specifically of the DRC and its people. Not only is this topic largely neglected in the mainstream media, the prevailing discourse is having us believe that the struggles of the DRC and its people are neither directly caused by European continent nor actively affect it. This podcast is an attempt to expose some hidden truths, to explain who is concealing them and why.